Ten Top Tips for IELTS General Training Writing

Tips for General Training Writing Task 1 (letter)

  1. Is it a personal letter or a business letter?
  2. Is it a complaint or a request?
  3. Is it a job application?
  4. Choose an appropriate greeting (use Dear Sir/Madam if you do not know the name of the person)
  5. You can use informal language in the personal letter, but not in the other types
  6. Respond to all the bullet points in the task instructions
  7. Use paragraphs to structure your letter
  8. Introduce the topic in the first paragraph (say why you are writing)
  9. Spend around 20 minutes on this task as it counts for 1/3 of the overall writing mark
  10. Write at least 150 words
  1. Write a minimum of 250 words
  2. Write in a formal style (no abbreviations, no bullet points)
  3. Task 2 is worth more marks than Task 1, so spend more time (40 minutes) on Task 2
  4. Underline the keywords in the question
  5. Structure your essay by writing in clear paragraphs
  6. One paragraph = one idea
  7. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence
  8. Use evidence, examples or facts to support your argument
  9. Order your argument logically - do not jump around from idea to idea
  10. Remember to write an introduction and a conclusion

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