How to prepare for Section 1 of General Training reading


The first section of General Training reading deals with ‘social survival’ and contains texts relevant to basic linguistic survival in an English-speaking environment.

The tasks are mainly about retrieving and providing general, factual information from sources such as notices, advertisements, leaflets, brochures, magazine contents pages and timetables.

You may need to find specific vocbulary such as page numbers or names; you may need to match statements with headings; or decide which section information is taken from.


Here is an example test for section 1:


General Training Reading Practice Test 1


SECTION 1 Questions 1-14


On the following page is a Contents page from a magazine


Answer questions 1-3 by writing the appropriate page number or numbers where the information appears in the magazine, in boxes 1-3 on your answer sheet.



Example On what page is the article about a film?


Answer 26



1.What page would you turn to for advice about a vehicle?


2. On what TWO pages can you read about painting?


3. On what page is the main story?


Question 4


Answer Question 4 by writing NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS in box 4 on your answer sheet.


4. How often is the magazine published?

Questions 5-10


Read the advertisement for places to visit in Vietnam on the previous page.


Answer the questions below by writing the appropriate letter or letters A-E in boxes 5-10 on your answer sheet. Your answer may require more than one letter.



Example  Which place is good for a walking tour?


Answer   D





5. Which place is good for sunbathing?


6. Which places are best to watch the sun go down?


7. Which is the best place to get away from the heat?


8. Which place is in the middle of the country?


9. Which place is popular with newlyweds?


10. Which place has an underground tour?


Read the information below on preparing for an earthquake and then answer Questions 11-14

Questions 11-14


The passage “Preparing for an Earthquake” explains how to get ready for an earthquake.


Read the additional instructions below and choose the section A-D to which each instruction belongs. Write the appropriate letter in boxes 11-14 on your answer sheet.



Example:  Make sure to pack a tin opener         


Answer:    C



11. Select a meeting-up point


12. Make a copy of your ID


13. Pack bottled water and canned food


14. Place heavy items on the floor

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