How to get your reading up to speed (Reading)

You will not have much time in the Reading test – only one hour to read three texts and write down your answers, so it is important to practise the skills of ‘skimming’ and ‘scanning’ to help you process reading tasks more quickly. 

Skimming involves looking through a text quickly to get the main ideas or the general meaning of the article, you're only looking for the information that is important to your purpose. When skimming, read the first paragraph closely then read the topic sentences of the other paragraphs to get a good idea of the content of the text. You can read more about skimming in this article.

Scanning involves looking for specific information in the text. This might be a number, a statement or an opinion. Before reading the text, look at the questions carefully to identify what information you should be scanning the text for. This will help direct you to the essential details you need to answer the questions. You can read more about scanning in this article.

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