How to spice up your writing

When writing your answer for Academic Writing Task 1, use a wide range of structures and vocabulary to help make your answer read better (e.g. use verb + adverb AND noun + adjective to give the response more variety – The price rose dramatically / there was a dramatic price rise). Here's an exercise to help you turn adjectives into adverbs.

Now try and convert these examples: 

  1. There was a significant fall in the price of oil in 2014.   ___________________________________________________
  2. There was a dramatic increase in unemployment last year.   ___________________________________________________
  3. There were erratic fluctuations in Sterling’s exchange rate after the Brexit vote.   ___________________________________________________
  4. The number of overseas students studying in the UK declined dramatically last year.   ___________________________________________________
  5. The price of petrol is expected to increase sharply in 2017.   ___________________________________________________
  6. The number of car owners decreased slightly in London in 2016.   ___________________________________________________

Answer key:

1. The oil price fell significantly in 2014.

2. Unemployment increased dramatically last year.

3. Sterling’s exchange rate fluctuated erratically after the Brexit vote.

4. There was a dramatic decline in the number of overseas students studying in the UK last year.

5. There is expected to be a sharp increase in the petrol price in 2017.

6. There was a slight decrease in the number of car owners in London in 2016.

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