How to Write an Arresting Introduction for your Academic Writing Task 2 Point of View Essay


When writing the introduction to your Academic Writing Task 2 essay, you need to show the examiner three things:

  • that you have understood the task
  • that you have an opinion you want to present
  • that you have a plan of how to present it.

Academic Writing Task 2 is an opinion essay of at least 250 words written in response to instructions that give a point of view, outline an argument or ask you to solve a specific problem. To discuss the issue, you may have to provide general information, offer and outline a solution, justify an opinion or evaluate ideas.

In this post, we will look at writing the introduction for a point of view essay.

The introduction paragraph should:

  • Paraphrase the statement (use you own words to express the topic)
  • State your opinion (thesis statement)
  • Outline your plan

After reading this paragraph, the examiner should have a clear idea of where the essay is going.

You should aim to write around 60 to 80 words for this paragraph, around 25% of the

word total for the essay.

1. Paraphrase the topic

In the first sentence of your introduction, you should paraphrase the topic described in the task question. You need to describe the topic in your own words, avoiding words and phrases used in the prompt.

Remember, if you copy the statement from the question, this will not be counted towards your word count and you may lose marks for not writing enough words.

Example 1:

Look at this sample Task 2 question:


Governments should invest in public services rather than funding art, music and theatre.

To what extent do you agree with this statement?


1. Let’s rewrite this statement in our own words (paraphrase):

It is often argued that the authorities should finance social services instead of spending the budget on the cultural sphere.


Introduce the topic with a phrase such as “It is often argued that…”

The following words and phrases have been used to paraphrase the statement:

The government = the authorities

Invest in = finance

Public services = social services

Rather than = instead of

Funding = spending the budget on

Art, music and theatre = the cultural sphere

2. Now add your opinion - the thesis statement

While I agree that the government should focus on public services, I also think that it is important to fund the arts as well.

In the thesis statement you can say how much you agree or disagree with the topic.


I agree…; I partially agree…; I completely / totally agree….


I disagree…; I partially disagree…; I completely / totally disagree ….

3. Outline plan

Firstly, this essay will look at the funding of the social sector and, secondly, it will explore the role of cultural activities in society.

In your outline you say what you “will” discuss, look at or explore in the individual main body paragraphs. In this example there will be two main body paragraphs.

Now it’s your turn…

Write an introduction of 60-80 words for this question:


Young people, both boys and girls, would benefit from having to do one year’s compulsory service in the army, navy or air force.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?





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