How to talk about the future in Academic Writing Task 1

English does not have a future tense as such, but uses different forms for talking about the future. The choice depends on different factors such as how sure the speaker is that something will happen in the future.

 Often, the graphs or charts for Academic Writing Task 1 contain predictions about what will happen in the future, as in the example below:




In this bar chart there are figures for the period 2005-2015 and estimates for 2020. To talk about these figures in the future we can use phrases such as the underlined ones in the example: 

 There is expected to be a slight rise in the numbers of students from China in 2020, while the number of students from India is predicted to grow considerably.


The future is not certain so we cannot use ‘will’ here but instead we can use a phrase such as ‘expected to’ or ‘predicted to’ in the passive form.  


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