How to structure a Task 2 essay

Before you take the exam, practise writing essays to a plan. Remember, you only need to write around 250 words, but it is important that you use paragraphs to structure your essay. You should aim to write four or five paragraphs.


You should structure your answer so that it flows in a straight line - include an introduction, two or three main body paragraphs and a conclusion.


In the introduction you should tell the reader about the subject of the essay in the opening sentence by paraphrasing the question. In the second sentence reveal your position in the thesis statement. In the third sentence you should outline the content of your essay. Check out this link to get some more ideas about how to write an effective introduction.


In the main body, structure each paragraph with a topic sentence, that says what the paragraph is about. Then explain the topic in detail. Finally, give an example to round off the paragraph. Here are some more ideas for your main body paragraphs.


In the conclusion you should summarise your main points - do not include any new information here. Remember that the conclusion is the last thing that the examiner will read so it's important to finish with a flourish. Here's a link to some ideas on writing a conclusion.


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