Ten Top Tips for IELTS Speaking

  1. During your interview, listen carefully to what the examiner says and make sure that you answer the question they ask you
  2. If you’re not sure what the examiner has said or wants from you, ask for clarification - you won't lose marks for this 
  3. Learn vocabulary related to different topics that commonly occur in the test to expand your bank of words and phrases
  4. In the first part the examiners’ questions are fairly predictable, so practise the first part of the test with a friend beforehand as much as you can
  5. Use the one-minute preparation time in the second part to make notes - this may help if you run out of ideas while talking during the long-turn
  6. Structure your two-minute talk using the notes you made in the one-minute preparation time
  7. Before taking the test, practise speaking for two minutes on a topic - this will help to build your confidence
  8. In the third section, try and develop your answers, don’t just give short responses - the examiner needs to hear a range of language form you in order to assess your abilities
  9. Don’t be afraid to express your own opinions – there are no right or wrong answers - the examiner wants to hear you speak
  10. Record yourself speaking and listen back to it to see how you can improve your fluency by avoiding long pauses, hesitation and repetition

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