How to prepare for Part 3 of the Speaking Interview

Part 3 of the Speaking Interview is a two-way interaction between you and the examiner – this is your chance to shine and impress with the range of grammar structures and vocabulary that you know.

The discussion is based on the input from the Part 2 long turn and looks at issues raised in more detail. The examiner has prepared questions, but he/she will also try to develop the conversation by asking you to expand or explain your answers.

This part of the test can be challenging as you will be dealing with unfamiliar topics, therefore it’s important to prepare for this part of the test by looking at questions asked in the past and learning key vocabulary. This website has a lot of examples for you to practise with.

You will be expected to give opinions and justify them, say whether you agree or disagree with ideas, talk about the current and past situation in your town or country, what should or shouldn’t happen or speculate on what may happen in the future.

 In this part, the examiner is not interested in your opinion – he/she is interested in your responses in terms of what you can do in English. The end of the test is important, as how you perform in this part will have a bearing on how the examiner evaluates your abilities – creating a good impression at the end of the test can help boost your final score. 




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