How to prepare for Part 2 of the Speaking Interview

Part 2 of the Speaking Interview is your chance to produce a coherent, extended speech – it’s a two-minute long turn on a topic provided by the examiner. Topics can include things that have happened to you, people or places you know or things you like and something you would like to do in the future. Examples may include



Before speaking you’ll be given one minute to prepare your response – use this time to collect your thoughts and to write down some ideas on the paper provided. This will help you structure your answer and it also gives you more ideas if you begin to dry-up during your long turn.

Before taking the exam, prepare for the second part of the Speaking test by practising talking about different topics for two minutes. This website has a useful list of topics that can help you practise.

Record yourself on your phone or computer, and then listen back to your performance.

Think of these points: 

  • Did you cover all the points on the topic card?
  • Did you keep talking for two minutes?
  • Did you use a wide variety of vocabulary and grammatical structures?
  • Was your pronunciation clear?
  • Was your speech fluent, or were there pauses and hesitations?
  • Was your two-minute talk well-structured?

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