How to make your English sound more natural

One way to make your English sound more natural is to expand your knowledge of collocations – two or more words that typically go together such as ‘a bright future’, ‘a rapid rise’ and ‘fast food’. Click here for some more information on collocations.

Think of collocations as ‘chunks’ of language, don’t say them as individual words but say them together e.g. ‘I am strongly in favour of capital punishment for terrorist offences.’

In this sentence, you should put the emphasis on the underlined ‘blocks’ of language.

 In IELTS, the examiner will be assessing your ability to produce natural-sounding English and using collocations correctly is one way to achieve this. The more natural and fluent your language sounds, the better the score you’ll get on speaking.

English Collocations in Use is a useful resource book for Intermediate learners and above to improve their knowledge of collocations. The book has hundreds of collocations taken from real-life situations, allowing you to see them in use. There’s also a version for advanced learners.



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