How to Detox Safely this January

It’s that post-New Year time when we’re all feeling a bit lazy and unfit. Recharge your batteries with all4ielts’ guide to successfully getting your fitness and energy levels back on track.


Task 1: Match the headings with the paragraphs (There is one more heading than you need)


  1. Clean out your cupboards
  2. Drink to your success
  3. Joining a gym
  4. Re-alkalise
  5. Set realistic goals
  6. Start moving


How to diet and detox safely this January - without going to the gym and depriving yourself


It's that time of year when many a fad diet and strict regime is attempted - here's a healthier, safe and effective alternative

After a huge average of 7000 calories consumed on Christmas Day - plus all the other lovely excesses of December - many of us are feeling sluggish and overweight, our bodies more of a dustbin than a temple.

As if on cue, many a vow to detox, juice, diet and generally have a lifestyle overhaul follow the festive period.

Juicing, fasting, and skipping meals, however tempting, are generally unsuccessful, and leave you feeling drained, irritable, and hungry.


1. __________________

Post-Christmas, our bodies are usually very acidic thanks to all the extra sugar we have consumed. This leaves our immune system depressed and less able to deal with colds and flu.

To rebalance your system try adding in a supergreen powder to your morning routine which you can purchase at any health food shop.

These supergreens are a mixture of plant algaes, which help your body detoxify quickly and safely and have the added bonus of increasing your energy levels.

Start your day with hot water and add fresh lemon and ginger to flush your system then get those supergreens in you to fight the fatigue.


2. ___________________

There is no magic pill to lose weight but increasing your water intake is definitely a step in the right direction!

Excess sugar in the body leads to dehydration, so try having one pint of water every time you feel hungry. If you are still hungry afterwards then it's time to eat.

Make sure you are consuming at least two litres of water per day to help flush the toxins from your body and rehydrate your cells.

Not only will you feel healthier and more energetic, but it should also improve your skin and hair.


3. ____________________

You don’t have to be a gym bunny to move. If the gym is not your thing then purchase a pedometer and try to hit a target of 10,000 steps a day.

Not only will you burn through those Christmas calories faster, but you will also increase your muscle mass and metabolic rate, leaving you feeling fitter, healthier, and stronger.

If you are short on time then try out some an online workout you can do at home or try a quick HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, which is effective in a short amount of time.


4. ____________________

If you have filled your body with alcohol, sugar, and fat, your body will be full of toxins. Give your liver a rest from dealing with these toxins by trying to avoid alcoholic drinks and putting some colour back in your fridge.

Bin all 'beige' leftovers including anything breaded, fried, battered or pastry encrusted, and replace with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, eggs, seeds, pulses, and fish.

Reduce your complex carbohydrates like pasta and rice and try something new like lentil, chickpea pasta or quinoa which have higher protein content and will help you feel full for longer.


5. ____________________

Rome wasn't built in a day, so don't expect the indulgences of a month to fall off instantly.

According to the British Dietetic Association the average person will gain up to 2 kg over the Christmas period, the good news is that with a balanced calorie controlled diet your body can return to it's 'pre-Christmas' shape in just a few weeks.

Set a weight loss goal of 1 kg a week and weigh yourself once a week to check you are on track. There are some great apps available to track your calories, but if this is too fiddly for you then opt for a meal delivery service where all your meals and snacks are calorie counted and delivered to you.


(adapted from


Task 2: True / False / Not Given


Decide whether the statements below are True (T), False (F) or Not Given (NG) according to the text.


  1. Post-Christmas are often end in failure ___

     2. You should begin your day by drinking a litre of water when on a detox ___

     3.Taking tablets can help you lose weight more quickly ___

     4. It’s a good idea to measure how far you walk each day to keep you on target ___

     5. While on a detox, you can drink a little bit of alcohol ___

     6. You should try and lose 2 kg a week ___


Task 3: Vocabulary – match the words from the text with words of similar meaning


  1. dehydration                                                a. clean out
  2. fad                                                              b. choose
  3. fiddly                                                          c. lazy
  4. flush                                                           d. poisons
  5. opt for                                                        e. resolution
  6. overindulgence                                          f. trend
  7. skip                                                            g. shortage of liquid
  8. sluggish                                                     h. complicated
  9. toxins                                                         i. leave out
  10. vow                                                            j. doing too much of something you enjoy




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