How to Multitask in the Listening Test

During the Listening Test you will need to do three things at once - you’ll need to read the questions, listen to the recording and note down your answers all at the same time, so learning to multitask is essential if you want to get a good band score on listening.

To perform effectively in the Listening Test you will need to do plenty of practice tests before you take the real test so that you get used to multitasking. Try and replicate test conditions, as far as possible, so don’t use headphones and listen to the recordings straight through without stopping.

You will have some time to look at the questions before you hear the recording, so use this time to highlight keywords in the questions – are you listening for a name, a number, a place, an amount –  this will help you to spot the necessary information when listening to the recording.

While you’re listening write notes – don‘t try and write in whole sentences as you won’t have time to do this. Don’t worry about spelling while making notes – at the end of the test you will have ten minutes to transfer your responses to the answersheet so this is the time to check spelling and turn your notes into full answers.

If you lose concentration and miss some information, the best advice is to keep calm and above all … DON’T PANIC! Take a deep breath, listen to the recording and find your place then move on to focus on the next question(s) and getting some notes written down.

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