How to Avoid Traps in the Listening Test

In the Listening Test you will often hear a piece of information that sounds like the answer you need – but be careful, this information may be changed later in the recording. This is done to trick you as you automatically want to write down the first piece of information as the correct answer.

Listen carefully to the whole recording before selecting your answer to avoid these pitfalls.

Look at these examples:

1. Question: The woman is interested in buying a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ apartment.

On the recording you may hear this exchange:

Salesperson: So, let me get this straight, you’re interested in buying a one-bedroomed apartment in the New Cross housing development?

Customer: No, I‘m interested in a two-bedroomed flat as I need a spare room for when my daughter comes to visit.

You hear a one-bedroomed apartment first, but then the customer disagrees and says he/she needs a two-bedroomed flat. (Be careful with synonyms – words with the same meaning, e.g apartment / flat, that can also be used to confuse you)

2. Question: The customer wants to book a table for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at 20.30.

On the recording you may hear this exchange:

Restaurant worker: “So, let me just check that with you, you’d like to book a table for next Tuesday at eight-thirty?”

Customer: “No, not Tuesday, I‘d like to book the table for next Thursday as it’s my wedding anniversary.”  

The customer corrects the restaurant worker - the correct answer is 'Thursday' not 'Tuesday.'



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